Saturday, March 18, 2006

last night

we went bowling last night for venturing. everyone did really really really really good. jay beat me all three times. chelsea beat me even with dan beating her up while she was bowling. dan did good. i don't know about the other side, but michelle got a strike one of the times. steve got a couple strikes too. trae (okay, who thinks that's the weirdest name in the world? because i do) was bowling funny because he bowled down the side of the lane and didn't get a gutter ball. i got a lot of gutter balls. my whole first game consisted of the first time i bowled each round i got gutter balls. it was really dissapointing. i wasn't in a good mood after that. i still got over 150 after three games though. 68, 49, 57. that's 174. i made over $50. laurel owes me 5.22. so she ended up owing jay more anyways, i think. jay did like 70 something each round. he got like...200 or something. i don't know. :-P. i've decided though, that i hate bowling. not because everyone's better than me, but because i'm horrible. and my arms hurt even worse from rock climbing and bowling. mostly rock climbing. but bowling didn't help. it hurt to even hold the ball sometimes. the pain was almost unbearable. :'(. so i'm never bowling again, or at least, as little as possible.


Miles C. said...


Don't let this ruin your experience! I bet it was just cause your arms hurt from the climbing wall that you didn't do as well as you had hoped. You did fine anyway. It's just a game.

Laurel said...

Did you just expect me to read your blog to find out how much I owe you...because you haven't told me about how much I owe you...neither has Jay lol! I'll try to remember to bring the money tomorrow or something.
Luv ya all!