Tuesday, March 28, 2006

assembly today

so we (sophmores and freshman) had an assembly today (one for seniors and juniors too, but who cares about their assembly :-P). this motivational speaker came in because of pride. his name was Josh Shipp. he was really really really funny. he was so...random. his message was to not be average. i'm probably the most average person ever, and no offense to josh shipp, but i like being average. i like not worrying about much of anything. i like not pushing myself to be different and to be "better than average". i don't see what's so wrong with being average. it's just easier. but i guess people have different views on life. there's nothing i really can say to change his mind, there's really nothing he can say to change mine.


Laurel said...

"i like not worrying about much of anything."...andrea u worry more than anyone I know...including me, and that is really saying something because I do tend to worry about quite a few things.
Luv ya all!

TJ said...

Hmm...yeah, I've seen a couple of posts that show your worrying side.