Sunday, February 26, 2006

call me blonderister

i totally haven't been thinking straight. today i was thinking about what i have to do for the week, and i was thinking about wednesday being garbage night, and i was wondering if i would need to take out the trash. and so i counted in my head...february 26 sunday, 27 monday, 28 tuesday, 29 i still have to take out the garbage once more this month. and then i remembered that this month goes only until the 28th. isn't that weird? why not just take some of the days from the 31 day months? oh well. so on wednesday it's back to dishes for me :'( i suck at dishes. even with a dishwasher.

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TJ said...

There's a nice bit of explanation and speculation as to why February is so short here.

It confuses the heck out of me, too.