Tuesday, January 24, 2006


1. Nervous Habits: umm...i play with my hands a lot.
2. Are you double jointed: no
3. Can you roll your tongue: huh?
4. Can you raise one eyebrow: no, but my mom can
7. Tattoos: No
8. Piercing: two holes in each ear, but they're probably closed.
9. Do you make your bed daily: hahaha

1. Which shoe goes on first: right, but only because that's what shoe i always seem to grab
2. Speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone: that o remember, no
3.On the average, how much money do you carry?: none
4. What jewelry do you wear: none

1. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it: cut and then twirl, sorta
2. Have you ever eaten Spam: no
3. Favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate
4. How many cereals in your cabinet: like 5000
5. What's your favorite beverage: betcha jay and liz could tell you
6. What's your favorite restaurant: wendy's...no i like...fridays.
7. Do you cook: oh yeah, i'm umm...a great cook

1. How often do you brush your teeth: at the most 2 times a day, never three. unless i ate something nasty.
2. Hair drying method: let it dry
3. Have you ever colored / highlighted your hair: never

1. Do you swear: oh yeah, you know me, all the time swearing :-P for those who are stupid, not at all.
2. Do you ever spit: no
3. Are you polite? i guess? i don't know

1. Animal: pandas :-D
2. Food: umm...wendy's :-P
3. Month: May, as everyone should know.
4. Day: May 8th. but you mean day of the week. thursday maybe?
5. Cartoon: hmm....i don't know.
6. Subject in school:
7. Color(s): blue and purple
8. TV show: CSI

1. In the CD player: either wicked or BatB
2. Person you talk most on the phone with at midnight: no one?
3. Window or aisle: umm...aisle. unless it's a plane. then window
4. Do you regularly check your mirrors? no
5. What color is your bedroom: the walls are all different colors
6. What's your sleeping position? like i know. i move too much to know what position i was in right before i fell asleep. probably on my side or stomach though, maybe?
7. Do you snore: i don't hear myself, so who cares.
8. Do you sleepwalk: sometimes
9. Do you talk in your sleep?: yes, but no one has said that i have lately
10. Do you sleep with stuffed animals? no, they all get thrown off the bed
11. Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio: no


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