Tuesday, January 03, 2006


i've been doing a lot lately. like working. and reading. and somehow, i don't think when doing these things. i just...do them. i need to start getting into myself and doing things and feel them, you know? its like people and places and things and whatever all just pass and my body is functioning without my thoughts, or whatever. it's kind of weird, but it makes a whole lot of sense to me. but i want to feel everything i do. i want to...i don't know. whatever.
so new years eve was really fun. me and jay (jay and i) were on a team, liz and erin were on a team, and jaime was by himself, and we all played mario. which was fun. i only played like three games. haha. but we won nonetheless, no matter what anyone else says. :-P. we would've been in last if we didn't have those two duels with jaime, which we won both! i slept over liz's house that night and we talked and had fun and stuff. i really really really like that girl, a lot. :-P
i really don't have much to say, life is boring. like a whole lot. but i liked the break. because even if i didn't sleep in, i got to lay in bed and be lazy.


Miles C. said...

Yessssss...First comment!

Most of what I feel is just going through the mostions...cept when I'm with you of course! You make me happy all over again!

Dreadful Beth said...

great fun<333