Tuesday, December 20, 2005

band/chorus concert

so the concert is tomorrow and i can't play this one part. all it is is a bunch of quarter notes and eighth notes in cut time, and the first to eighth notes (Well, 16th notes in cut time) are slurred while everything else is tongued. and on a flute you should be able to do that, but i just can't do it! i'm horrible! i'm just going to tongue the whole thing for the concert and hope no one notices. haha. because otherwise i can't play it at all. :-P and in chorus, i am singing both high and middle parts on dashing through the snow (in which the middles and lows echo the highs) and so i have to go "Dashing through the Dashing through the In a one horse open In a one horse open O'er the fields we..." etc. and i don't know if i can get through it without looking at the big smile on jane's face because she is laughing because i'm donig that. haha. and since i'm still a little sick (y) i can't sing the luly lulay song or whatever because it's so soft and i'm like trying to go soft and therefore can't sing. it's horrible!!! haha. well, oh well, i'll just have to hope i don't mess up. :-D


Miles C. said...

This is a case of your low self-esteem. You are going to do fine!

Laurel said...

The concert was absolutely awesome, it was so hilarious! wow I loved it! And the police coming that was great! lol
Luv ya all!

TJ said...