Monday, November 07, 2005

survey thing

*section 1 - have you ever... *
+ Cheated on someone?: no
+ Been Cheated on?: no
+ Fallen off the bed?: yeah
+ Broken someone's heart?: yeah
+ Gone to a shrink?: sorta, yeah
+ Had your heart broken?: yeah
+ Had a dream come true?: not really
+ Done something you regret?: all the time

* section 2 - currently *
+ Wearing?: shorts and a t-shirt
+ Like anyone?: yeah
+ Located?: at my house
+ Chatting with?: nobody
+ Watching?: absolutely nothing
+ Should REALLY be doing?: my history project

* section 3 - DO YOU*
+ Brush your teeth?: yeah
+ Have any piercings?: on my ears, but i never wear earings
+ Drink?: water, haha. no i don't drink
+ Smoke?: no
+ Got a cell?: yep

* section 4 - the last person you... *
+ Hugged?: libby, at the hoagie sale
+ Kissed?: my mom, when i was like 12 maybe
+ IMed?: jaime
+ Talked on the phone to? jay
+ Yelled at?: allison

* section 5 - personal *
+ What do you want to be when you finish college?: i wanna be a teacher
+ What has been the best day of your life?:...i don't know
+ What comes first in your life?: friends
+ Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush?: i have a crush, i guess
+What are you most scared of?: performing by myself...solos
+ What do you usually think about before you go to sleep?: a lot of things, that's why i barely get sleep
+ Did you lose someone you really loved?: yeah
+ Love your family?: sometimes
+ Are you a virgin?: yeah

* section 6 - favorite *
+ Movie: Lion King
+ Song: ....i'll get back to you on that
+ Band: i don't know
+ Store: Build a Bear!!!!
+Clothing Store: ...i don't know
+ Sport: i dunno
+ Ice Cream Flavor: chocolate
+ Fruit: grapes
+ Candy: skittles
+ Day of the Week? ..friday i guess...
+ Color: blue

* section 7 - do you *
+ Like to give hugs? sure
+ Like to walk in the rain? yep
+ Prefer black or blue pens?: black
+ Sleep on your side? yeah
+ Have a goldfish?: we did, i don't think we still do...haha
+ Ever have the falling dream?: no, not that i remember
+ Have stuffed animals?: tons

* section 8 - this or that *
+ Pierced nose or tongue?: nose
+ Single or taken?: single
+ MTV or BET?: MTV
+ 7th Heaven or Dawson's Creek?: 7th Heaven
+ Sugar or salt?: salt
+ Silver or gold?:silver
+ Chocolate or flowers?: flowers
+ Color or Black-and-white photos? color
+ M&Ms or Skittles?: what do you think?! haha
+ Stay up late or sleep in?: stay up late
+ Hot or cold? hot
+ Mustard or ketchup?: ketchup if i HAD to pick
+ Spring or Fall?: spring
+ Happy or sad?: what kind of question is that? happy
+ Wonder or amazement? amazement
+ Mexican or Italian food?...mexican
+ Candy or Soda?:candy

*section 9- what do you think about... *
+ Abortion: stupid
+ Suicide: even more stupid
+ Smoking: disgusting
+ Eating disorders: not needed whatsoever
+ Summer 05: what a great summer
+ Tattoos: one or two is fine, a gazilion is just too many
+ George W. Bush: we have an idiot running our nation

well, i haven't taken a survey thing in a long time, so i figured one was due...this took me 16 minutes! with the whole changing the color thing, but it was fun, i guess...:-P

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Miles C. said...

Thats cool...I think I'll put this on my blog.