Thursday, September 15, 2005


well, i haven't been posting much, and that's because i have nothing to post. all i do is go to school, do school-ish things, and then do marching bandy things and then do everything else and then finally if i have time i sleep. i hate being busy, because then i have no relax time. but if i'm not busy and have relax time, i feel obligated to do something and get bored easily. i guess i can blame my mom because she's always signed me up for activities. but it's also me because i love those activities and wouldn't quit for anything. but it would be nice to have some me time. but everytime that i do have me time, i am not in the mood for me time. it's really confusing. maybe i'm too conceited and i'm just thinking of me.
i don't know what i want to do when i grow up. i would LOVE to become an author, but i can't seem to finish a story. they just start to bore me. the one's on my other blog are just short stories, but i can't even finish those. i have the worst concentration. and teachers complain at school. in latin, i don't pay attention after about the first three seconds. i just...get bored. not that i know everything. it's just...boring. and in music tech, i hate learning new things. i mean, i love it, it just takes up time to have fun. and gym....well let's just say i'm really out of shape. and pickleball gets boring. and swimmings just plain hard. english gets boring too. i end up doodling in my notebook the whole class. not that i'm doing great in that class either. it's just...boring. and then chorus and band are alright. and math is super boring! i mean, i try to pay attention considering it's my worst subject, i just...can't. my attention span isn't that long. same with history and bio. i mean, i don't have ADD really, but sometimes i feel like i do, because i just... can't pay attention for long. but back to what i want to be. I also want to be a teacher. i look at some of my teachers and some i think "wow, i really would like to teach just because they make it look like so much fun" and others " i have to teach because kids can't have boring teachers like this". but then i realise i'm so bad at presenting things. like projects. i freeze up. i hate all the attention on me. not that i hate attention from my friends. i just...hate it from people in class. i guess i'm self consious.


lgl said...

Not all people are born with presenting skills, but it is something you can develop!

Miles C. said...

Oh yeah right, Andrea, you're the lest conceited person I know. Tenth grade is one of the most boring years I think, I doodled most of the time myself (specially Bio! That was awful!). I really dont think you have ADD. I don't know that you freeze up, but I think you would make a great teacher.

Cheer up Andrea! Don't be all depressy, it makes me sad. I hope you feel better!