Saturday, September 10, 2005

Football game and Community Day

Ok, well, LAST football rocked. we almost lost, and i lost my voice. This football, we creamed the other team. Both games I had a blast. Then community day rocked! Okay, not really. It was boring. Me, Keith and Matt walked around most of the time with jo. Then Jo went with mommy and Matt left and Jay caught up with us. Then jay had to leave and it was just keith and i for a while. he played air quads. then we talked to this adult person keith knew for a while. then we went back. and i had to go. haha. there's a lot more than that, but that's the jist of things. haha. it was mostly walking, but it was relaxing. as i told keith, it was a little weird, seeing the school like that. but i dunno. then we went to my "favorite" place in the world. the mall. uh. i hate the mall. but i got my milkshake (which was soooo horrible) and i was ok. alli got a cell phone for her birthday, and then we went home. i'm not too fond of my home, but it's so much easier to relax at home than at school. i work tomorrow, and everyone has to come in and say hi. we should get wicked to meet at work. haha. i mean "litle women". haha. well, now that i've rambled off topic....

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Miles C. said...

My God, I bet these dumb spam comments are getting annoying...tell blogger about them.

It was fun going to community day with you!