Wednesday, August 17, 2005

my sleepless night

i told jay i was going to bed around 10:30. well, i had to do some laundry because all my shorts are missing (even though i cleaned 'em all on like saturday) and so that was fine, it was around 10:45 that i got into bed. i laid there for like twenty minutes, totally uncomforable. then i decided to whip out my wicked cd and listen to it, but i thought it a better idea to listen to the song i'm going to resing. so i end up practicing for like another twenty minutes. then i make popcorn, because that's always what i have when there's nothing to do. so i ate my popcorn and laid in bed for another like forever time period. it was a little after one the last time i looked at a clock. so you'd think i would sleep in til 6, when my alarm was set to go off? no. i got up around 5:30. why can't i sleep?!!?!?!?