Friday, August 19, 2005

Kennywood Day

So I woke up at whatever time, and got to band at 8. Then we were on the field. The only music I had was Hot time, because that's all i thought we'd be practicing. But no, we practiced Karn Evil 9. So after I complained for liek the whole time, Tori leant me hers. She doesn't seem to care about marching band that much. It bothers me. I mean, I don't like learning the marches, but once i got them, i have fun with them. Anways, finally we get on the buses- this takes forever!!! Mike timed me on how long I could go on without talking. And I listened to Wicked. And I swear the bus drivers took the senic (sp?) route to Kennywood. I could've gotten us there faster. Anyways, we get there, and walk into the park. Tricia, LibbyAnn, Ally, Christine, Mike, Jay, and I were in my group. Yes, my group. It's mine because I was appointed leader- without anyone actually discussing it with me!, but anyways, I didn't mind too much. We ate at the Potato Patch- duh. I got the usual- fries with gravy on teh side, and as usual spilt it on me. Spilt isn't a word. Whatever, i know. Anyways, then we went on the Phantom's Revenge, if my memory is right. Yeah, so it was Jay and Tricia's first time. Jay and Mike rode together, and Libby and Christine I think rode together-yeah. Tricia and I rode together and Ally rode behind us. Well, I was talking the whole way up, and they just listened to me- no I don't talk that much!!! So we ride it- Tricia liked it. But no one clapped, cept me. I always clap at the end of the Phantom. Hey, they clap at the end of the Phantom's Revenge on the clip at! Then we went to the exterminator. If I had gone with Lissa or anyone who was "cool" and not afaid of the pitfall, we could've gone on that on the way. Anyway, it was Mike and Tricia and Jay and Libby I think and Christine and Ally and me on seperate cars. It was fun. Then we went to....where did we go next? The SWINGS! Defying Gravity! Am I right? I really don't remember. But anyways, I think in this time period we went on the swings. Man, I hate my memory. Anyways, correct me if I'm wrong- OMG WE NEVER WENT ON THE BUMPER CARS!. sorry, just realising this now. moving on, sorry, we started walking to the racer right? Or did we ride the pirate ship? Um...I forget what we did next! Well, we didn't get on the racer at that time, and we rode the Merry Go Round. OR Carousel (sp?). whatever. It was fun. I absolutely love the Merry go round. Then sometime after that we went on the thunderbolt. I totally forget the order of this. We went on the swing around at one point. I hate that ride, it makes me sick, but I rode it because everyone was so far doing what I pretty much wanted to do. Remember: I was appointed leader. Then we went on the Kangaroo. (boom kristy nick- lissa!) Anyways, then we split up: Tricia and Mike (see how perfect it sounds!) and Jay and Ally go to the Whip and Christine, Libby and I go to the Phantom's Revenge. Did I mention that I love the Phantom's Revenge? Well, I do. Then afterward, we met up at the Swings with Tricia's mom and Ashley. I love Ashley! She so small and cute! haha. We went on the swings another four hundred times and then rode the whip and the Pgh Plunge (yes i'm that lazy) and the swings one more time. Then we went to go eat. I had (since we didn't go to the potato patch we went to the hamburger place. and then split up again, some to the Turtles and some to the Racer. Christine had to go back to drumline. Then we went back got dressed into the heatbags we call uniforms. Then we stood in parade rest for twenty gazillion years (remember, impatient little ol' me). I got bored and looked at the clarinets. KW was playing with her hand, like making it a fist then straight. TB was holding her flute with her hand and when she wasn't doing that she had her hand all curled. So I put my flute in her hand to tell her to straighten it and she grabbed it off me! well, not all the way off. And then we started to march. The clarinets were swinging when we were told NOT TO! (stupid clarinets-jk!) but anyways, i lost my hot time because...well, it fell out of my lyre. And I have bethel memorized, so I just played that. Hot time i know some of, but I didn't feel comfortable playing without the music so I faked it. Then we got back, I swear I was going to faint. If I didn't have as much water as I did, I would've. Then we went to the school. The ride back took as long as the ride there. Then we put our outfits inside, where the outfit managers were somehow already there, when I had like run off the bus, they were already there, I guess they let them off first. I got changed, got my stuff, handed my outfit to I think Brian. I wonder if he spells it Brian or Bryan. There was this kid in my 1st grade class who spelt it Bryan. But I think Brian spells it Brian. Anyways, I am off topic AGAIN, so then i wait outside for like twenty years because my mom is over a friend's house. And Jay did almost take my bag. And Tricia gave me candy. I guess I was a good girl. :-D


Miles C. said...

You write WAY too much.

lol, jk

Lorelai Anderson said...

haha full day Andi. I was intimidated cuz it was too long. so i was debading if i should read it and i decided to read it. so, VERY full day huh? lol

Miles C. said...

Its not your GROUP, its your POSSE!